In today’s highly sophisticated and often hostile cyber world, organizations must brace themselves for Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. Increasingly popular and potentially devastating, DDoS attacks can take down our network and even take your entire organization hostage in an instant.

AIS provides proactive protection protects against multiple types of DDoS attacks, including hybrid varieties using a three-pronged approach. Our multi-level cloud-based technology and processes absorb attack traffic, mitigate risk and continually analyze packet data for ongoing defense.

Contact us to learn how AIS’ industry leading cyber security and analytics technology can help you identify DDoS threats, stop attacks in progress, and protect your data, network and operations from future malicious activity.

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By housing additional infrastructure in the AIS Phoenix data center, many of our fast-growing customers demands for services that require multiple facilities can finally be answered. We also needed additional colocation space, and we chose to continue growing with our trusted partner AIS by securing the additional footprint in Phoenix. Scheron Briones, vice president, engineeringColor Broadband

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