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AIS BusinessSecurity CyberSecurity Services

We partnered with Security On-Demand, the leading provider of security services and solutions, to deliver a robust Managed IT Security / CyberSecurity offering in the Southwest.

AIS BusinessSecurity is a comprehensive enterprise-class, cybersecurity solution consisting of premises and cloud-based security services for protecting across all potential attack vectors and fulfilling compliance requirements.

AIS BusinessSecurity utilizes a “Security-as-a-Service” business model powered by Security On-Demand’s proven security architecture that leverages the best from both cloud-based and premises-based cybersecurity models.

The result is a highly scalable cybersecurity architecture that reduces complexity, requires minimal deployment resources, and increases the level and quality of regulatory compliance and audit preparedness.

AIS BusinessSecurity includes:

  • Firewall Management for colocation, enterprise, and branch office includes 24×7 monitoring, patching, technical support, firewall rule creation, full troubleshooting, logging, and reporting. This service can be provided with hardware or can used to manage existing client firewalls.
  • Network Intrusion Prevention Service (IPS) combines monitoring, incident detection/response, logging, reporting, and full management including signature management and tuning. Offers multi-segment protection for complex network topologies.
  • Log Management provides real-time collection, aggregation, and normalization of log data from network devices, servers, and security sensors for pre-forensic archival and compliance reporting. Handles all logging devices, including firewalls, servers, and network devices.
  • Vulnerability Scans proactively discover and evaluate potential and confirmed security threats. This managed security solution can be used to audit internal and external servers as well as web applications. Vulnerability and remediation management workflow are part of this solution.

There are several compliance-related elements that are part of AIS BusinessSecurity:

  • Web Application Firewall (WAF) management includes tuning, management monitoring, 24×7 support, patching and upgrade recommendations, reporting, and policy enforcement. It also fulfills compliance requirements for Payment Card Industry (PCI) version 2.0
  • File Integrity Management (FIM) acts as a secondary layer of protection beyond anti-virus messaging and alerting monitoring system. It ensures that key system files are not replaced or tampered with without notification. This service is used to help enforce security policies and compliance standards.
  • Firewall Policy and Compliance Analysis (PCA) provides security policy configuration analysis. It is comprehensive, scalable, non-intrusive, easy-to-deploy and use, and it supports the major firewall platforms in the enterprise market.

Benefits & Highlights:

  • Companies can easily and cost-effectively implement a comprehensive security strategy that requires minimal deployment resources.
  • Helps companies increase the level and quality of regulatory compliance, plus improve their audit preparedness.

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Just wanted to say thanks for the tour and lunch today. I really enjoyed Ken’s tour and meeting all the staff. Your facility is very impressive and seeing it first-hand confirms for me that we made the right choice in selecting AIS. David Bevan, general manager, IT servicesHansen Technologies

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