Managed Storage in San Diego, Phoenix

Managed Storage

AIS offers robust, scalable, on-demand storage solutions for any application. Standard packages and custom solutions are available to fit any need, allowing your business to rapidly scale storage capability without the capital expenditure associated with purchasing, installing and maintaining equipment. Geo-redundant storage replication is available between our San Diego and Phoenix data centers, allowing secure offsite storage in a different geography. The AIS storage infrastructure is interconnected across our network, making data replication and retrieval fast and secure from any location.

Managed Storage from AIS is built on the NetApp storage architecture using RAID-DP configuration, ensuring a high level of availability and data integrity, even in the event of disk failure. AIS offers a range of standard packages to meet most needs but our managed storage experts have broad experience to build custom solutions for even the most demanding of applications.

Standard Features of AIS Managed Storage

  • Redundant controllers for high availability
  • Dedicated controllers for each customer for added security and customizability
  • Redundant disk arrays for increased performance
  • NFS / CIFS support for Windows and Linux compatibility
  • Daily Snapshots with Snapshot Retention for your peace of mind
  • Managed Snapshot replication
  • SnapMirror and SnapVault target
  • Cross-Connect options
  • 1 GigE port for speed
  • iSCSI compatibility
  • Redundant networking ensuring availability
  • Unlimited bandwidth for replication (up to 20 Gbps)

Optional Features

  • Dedicated Firewall
  • Additional Cross-Connect availability
  • 10GigE Port for more speed
  • 2-Week Snapshot Extension
  • Hourly Snapshot Intervals
  • Can be bundled with Cloud Services for added value

Storage overview

  • Avoid capital expense for incremental storage
  • Pay for only what you need
  • Decrease the operational costs of storing and managing your data
  • Eliminate routine data management tasks in order to focus on your core business
  • Safeguard data from both external threats and internal problems
  • Recover data quickly and easily
  • On-demand storage available for any application
  • Geo-redundant Data Replication available between our San Diego and Phoenix data centers


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Just wanted to say thanks for the tour and lunch today. I really enjoyed Ken’s tour and meeting all the staff. Your facility is very impressive and seeing it first-hand confirms for me that we made the right choice in selecting AIS. David Bevan, general manager, IT servicesHansen Technologies

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